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Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Little Elm & Frisco, TX

happy family at the parkAt A Gud Dentist, we deliver dental care for all ages in a safe and comfortable environment. By seeing your entire family in our office, Dr. Anil Gudipati and our team can save you time and energy by scheduling multiple appointments in one day, freeing you up to focus on the tasks that are most important to you.

We have extensive experience caring for the smiles of all ages. Our team has the knowledge you can trust to maintain healthy teeth and gums during every stage of life. If you're looking for a family dentist in Little Elm, you can count on us to help your loved ones achieve long-lasting dental health. Contact us to schedule your visit today!


Reliable Dental Services for All Ages

We understand that no two smiles are the same and work hard to meet all your needs under one roof. Our team offers treatments and procedures that are customized to fit the individual needs of your family members. By focusing on prevention and affordability, we can find the services that will help you and your loved ones preserve their optimal oral health. Our services include:

Why Choose Our Little Elm Family Dentist?

Our team provides comprehensive services to maintain, restore, and improve your smile. We use our knowledge and experience to reliably treat various oral health issues specific to different age groups, including kids as young as three and seniors. By treating all members of your family, we can also keep an eye on shared medical and dental health history. This information enables us to potentially identify and treat issues that stem from genetics and lifestyle. Our dental team commits to protecting the smiles of your loved ones, regardless of age or current oral health.

Gentle Children's Dental Services

Dr. Gudipati and his team recognize the importance of keeping your child's smile healthy as they grow. We perform routine preventive treatments tailored to young patients with gentle exams and cleanings. At every visit, our Little Elm family dentist checks for any problems in the development of your child's teeth, gums, and jaws. Should any issues arise, we will create a treatment plan that is customized to fit their needs.

Some of our dental care services for children include:

Filings – Much like fillings in adult teeth, we can place a filling in a baby tooth that has decay or is damaged. Our team does this to prevent further decay and keep an infection from moving to other teeth.

Pulpotomies – Our dentist can perform a pulpotomy when tooth decay is so severe that it leads to an infection inside the tooth. A pulpotomy removes the infected pulp from within the crown of the tooth and leaves the tooth roots intact. We offer this treatment to save badly decayed baby teeth.

Fluoride and Sealants – We offer fluoride treatments to help strengthen your child's teeth, as well as sealants to smooth their teeth and keep plaque and food from building up.

Expert Dental Care for Teens

teen girl holding clear aligners and tooth model with bracesDuring the final stages of your teen's teeth and jaw development, it is crucially important to maintain their dental health and routinely check for any potential issues. Regularly scheduling their dental visits allows us to closely monitor their teeth and alignment. Our team uses ClearCorrect™ aligners to fix mild to moderate alignment and bite issues. We will also perform wisdom tooth extractions if needed. Should they need orthodontic treatments, we will refer them to a trusted local specialist.

Continuing to reinforce the importance of good oral hygiene is a key focus of our practice. We offer helpful guidance and practical steps your teen can apply to their daily routines. Our team also provides sports guards for your active teen and bite appliances to treat bruxism.

Versatile Dental Care for Adults & Seniors

Your teeth continue to change as you age, and our team has a variety of solutions designed to treat the challenges specific to adults and seniors. We will always focus on saving your existing teeth, but we also offer replacement services when needed. From implant-supported restorations to root canal therapies, our dentist will help you find the right solution. Some of our services for adults and seniors include:

If you are seeking a brighter smile, teeth whitening services are also available. Our team performs in-house whitening treatments using Opalescence™ whitening solutions and provides Pola Day as an at-home option. We also offer a Whitening for Life program, where our team will create custom trays for you to use from the convenience of your own home. You must maintain your regular cleanings to qualify for this program to ensure the best results.

Expert Family Dentist in Little Elm

The oral health of you and your family is our top priority. We work with you to alleviate any concern or anxiety you may be feeling about your dental treatments and only proceed when you're comfortable. Should you need a family dentist in Little Elm, we're here to help your family maintain smiles they can be proud of. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!



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